Filthy 50

This past weekend we had an awesome time participating at the Filthy 50 gravel race in Stewartville, MN. By participate, I mean we shared and drank beer. 

The Filthy 50 is a free race in its 2nd year put on by Trenton Raygor. He's done a hell of a job making this a well organized, friendly, and fun event. There were 343 riders at the event. 

We furnished two kegs of Miller High Life to help racers with post-race hydration. The thirsty riders made quick work of our contribution.  

The thing we love about these events is the people. We always have a great time meeting new folks, and reconnecting with old folks. 

We were thrilled to produce the custom jerseys for the event. We handled the pre-order for the event jerseys, and we'll be handling the fulfillment of all the jerseys once they are produced. Slick! 

Tom Darrow
Tom Darrow


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