BELCH vs. Castelli

Castelli undoubtedly makes great gear. Really great gear. They even tout 'an unfair advantage'. Some guys that take themselves way too seriously might even bite on that marketing tagline. 

This past season a very non-scientific study was conducted at our favorite local bike shop. A rack full of Castelli cycling jerseys at an $80 price point were set next to a rack full of BELCH cycling jerseys bumped up to an equal $80 price point. 

The awesome results? BELCH outsold Castelli 1.2-to-1. Now I wouldn't say we crushed the competition because a) we didn't and b) I'd sound like an overly competitive douche which most certainly isn't the BELCH mantra, but nevertheless we were pleased with the results. 

Starting an apparel brand that spreads its reach primarily via the internet can be a slow go for people that have never had a chance to touch or feel the product you're asking them to spend $70 bucks on. But once they do get it into their hands --- whabam!!



Tom Darrow
Tom Darrow


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