Beating the Hangover

Being a professional endurance drinker, I’ve encountered my fair share of competitive hangovers. Here I’ll share tricks that can help you to one-up your competition during the next event.



It’s critical during the early stage of the event to keep those electrolytes up. I always like to keep Nuun tablets handy. They pack away nicely in tablet form, and can be conveniently dropped into a pint of water at your favorite watering hole during the party. 


We all know how important it is to properly fuel your body during any endurance event. My fuel of choice is sticky white rice and hoisin sauce right before bedtime. Pack your belly full of white rice to soak up that leftover booze and limit it’s continuing effects after you’ve hit the hay. Trust in Uncle Ben. 


The Morning After.

An important piece to any competitor’s arsenal is a cold Coca-Cola and package of Peanut M&M’s. Awoke to find that those body shots may have got the best of you? Pop the top off of a cold Coca-Cola and accompany that with peanut M&M’s. None of this is scientific, but helps spike your sugar levels to shake that hangover, and it’s a tasty treat.


Have your own favorite remedies? I would love to try them!

Tom Darrow
Tom Darrow


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Kelly Humphrey
Kelly Humphrey

January 06, 2017


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