Filthy50, Stewartville MN

This past weekend we had the opportunity to spend a glorious day outside in perfect sunshine, eating bbq, watching a bike race, and sponsoring the post-race beverages at the Filthy50 gravel race in Stewartville, MN. It was bunches of fun with 500 riders. We had a variety of homebrew on tap....I think now people are more confused than ever as to if we're in the business of apparel, or beer. Maybe both?

As always we appreciate the friendly crowd and it's awesome to meet the great people in person that help to make BELCH happen. 

Couple of buddies out for a great time! 

Red Plaid spotting! 

Word got out about free beer. 

Steel Plaid / Red Plaid

Riders coming in!

Not one of ours, but we thoroughly appreciated this gentleman! 





Tom Darrow
Tom Darrow


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