Being a professional endurance drinker, I’ve encountered my fair share of competitive hangovers. Here I’ll share tricks that can help you to one-up your competition during the next event.



It’s critical during the early stage of the event to keep those electrolytes up. I always like to keep Nuun tablets handy. They pack away nicely in tablet form, and can be conveniently dropped into a pint of water at your favorite watering hole during the party. 


We all know how important it is to properly fuel your body during any endurance event. My fuel of choice is sticky white rice and hoisin sauce right before bedtime. Pack your belly full of white rice to soak up that leftover booze and limit it’s continuing effects after you’ve hit the hay. Trust in Uncle Ben. 


The Morning After.

An important piece to any competitor’s arsenal is a cold Coca-Cola and package of Peanut M&M’s. Awoke to find that those body shots may have got the best of you? Pop the top off of a cold Coca-Cola and accompany that with peanut M&M’s. None of this is scientific, but helps spike your sugar levels to shake that hangover, and it’s a tasty treat.


Have your own favorite remedies? I would love to try them!

I was fortunate enough to sit down with St. Croix Valley Magazine over a beer with some of my friends at Chilkoot Cafe & Cyclery. Click on the photo below to read the blurb. 

This past weekend we had the opportunity to spend a glorious day outside in perfect sunshine, eating bbq, watching a bike race, and sponsoring the post-race beverages at the Filthy50 gravel race in Stewartville, MN. It was bunches of fun with 500 riders. We had a variety of homebrew on tap....I think now people are more confused than ever as to if we're in the business of apparel, or beer. Maybe both?

As always we appreciate the friendly crowd and it's awesome to meet the great people in person that help to make BELCH happen. 

Couple of buddies out for a great time! 

Red Plaid spotting! 

Word got out about free beer. 

Steel Plaid / Red Plaid

Riders coming in!

Not one of ours, but we thoroughly appreciated this gentleman! 


September 04, 2015


We recently had a fun chat with the fellas over at about our company, our product, and what we stand for.  

This was really our first official 'public press' that we've ever done, so it was a bunch of fun.

Check us out here


The Green Beret Adventure Team is made up of a couple guys doing a whole lot of riding for a whole lot of good. They'll be putting on 4,600 miles over the next couple of months to raise awareness and a goal of raising $100k to treat vets suffering from PTSD. 

To help our boys along on their journey we created their team bib short and jersey kit you see in the video below.

Want to do some good and help these guys reach their goal? Donate here:

This past Sunday BELCH joined our friends at the annual NE Brewer's Block Party hosted by Sociable Cider Werks, and a party it was with over 17,000 in attendance! The best part about these events is seeing old friends and meeting new like-minded individuals that are out there to be social and have a great time.


In our tent outfitted with beer and cider, cooling chamois towels, and mini beer pong, we also had our standard apparel offerings setup, and the same question came up multiple times from the casual cyclists that we cater to, so I thought I'd take this moment to allow myself to be technical. 


The question was 'do I need a jersey to ride, and what makes a jersey better than a standard t-shirt?'


The first part technical answer is; hell no you don't need a jersey to ride, just get out and ride in whatever allows you to feel comfortable. 


The second part technical answer is; it really depends what kind of riding you plan on doing and just how comfortable you want to be. A short jaunt to the bar or coffee shop on a cool day will suit you fine with a casual t-shirt, but if you're a sweaty beast on a longer, hotter ride that t-shirt is going to hold that sweat and not allow your sweat to do what is intended. Our jerseys help to keep you comfortable on a longer, hotter ride. How you ask? They bring multiple things together to accomplish this task. Our jerseys are made from 100% polyester fibers that wick moisture away from your skin which accomplishes two things in tandem; it helps to keep your jersey dry and comfortable, and while doing so it's also performing evaporative cooling. We also use a full length zipper and vented side panels to allow for maximum ventilation and airflow. Lastly each jersey has 3 deep pockets to keep important things on your body and close; snacks, beverages, ID, etc. 


We were thrilled to be asked to create a custom jersey for one of our favorite breweries and hangouts in Minneapolis; Sociable Cider Werks. 

We handled the creative design and production of this handsome piece. The fine folks at Sociable thought it turned out awesome, and by the way they are selling through apparently 'the people' think it turned out awesome as well!

Always a pleasure to produce awesome pieces for awesome guys in awesome places.  

Thanks guys! 

This past weekend BELCH co-sponsored Team Hopwheels for the MS150; a 150 mile ride from Duluth to White Bear Lake to help raise funds and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis. We're happy to report that Team Hopwheels raised $25,000.

We couldn't have asked for a better weekend weather-wise, and just in general.....not one single flat tire amongst the entire team!


BELCH is co-sponsoring an MS150 team along with friends at Town Hall Brewery in Minneapolis. 

Last night we hosted a silent auction at Town Hall which raised over $4,000 to go towards MS research. $1 from each Town Hall beer also went towards the cause. 

Doing good, and having fun! 

Beer Brew

March 11, 2015


Winter has become a prime time to hone in our craft of what used to be making mediocre beer. What used to be mediocre is quickly becoming pretty dang good.

Apparently having the right equipment can make a bit of a difference in this 'sport'...something that has never helped me in biking. We brewed a pretty big IPA, got inebriated, put a summer sausage in a vice and cut it with a hacksaw because we didn't have a knife, and I eventually 'went to sleep' on a living room floor that was not my own. 

Seen below is Brewmaster and BELCH Photographer Scott.

An action shot of the summer sausage cutting. 

And behold, our finished product. Not only does it look pretty, it's dang tasty. We're proud of this one folks.