What can a jersey do for me?

This past Sunday BELCH joined our friends at the annual NE Brewer's Block Party hosted by Sociable Cider Werks, and a party it was with over 17,000 in attendance! The best part about these events is seeing old friends and meeting new like-minded individuals that are out there to be social and have a great time.


In our tent outfitted with beer and cider, cooling chamois towels, and mini beer pong, we also had our standard apparel offerings setup, and the same question came up multiple times from the casual cyclists that we cater to, so I thought I'd take this moment to allow myself to be technical. 


The question was 'do I need a jersey to ride, and what makes a jersey better than a standard t-shirt?'


The first part technical answer is; hell no you don't need a jersey to ride, just get out and ride in whatever allows you to feel comfortable. 


The second part technical answer is; it really depends what kind of riding you plan on doing and just how comfortable you want to be. A short jaunt to the bar or coffee shop on a cool day will suit you fine with a casual t-shirt, but if you're a sweaty beast on a longer, hotter ride that t-shirt is going to hold that sweat and not allow your sweat to do what is intended. Our jerseys help to keep you comfortable on a longer, hotter ride. How you ask? They bring multiple things together to accomplish this task. Our jerseys are made from 100% polyester fibers that wick moisture away from your skin which accomplishes two things in tandem; it helps to keep your jersey dry and comfortable, and while doing so it's also performing evaporative cooling. We also use a full length zipper and vented side panels to allow for maximum ventilation and airflow. Lastly each jersey has 3 deep pockets to keep important things on your body and close; snacks, beverages, ID, etc. 


Tom Darrow
Tom Darrow


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