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Winter has become a prime time to hone in our craft of what used to be making mediocre beer. What used to be mediocre is quickly becoming pretty dang good.

Apparently having the right equipment can make a bit of a difference in this 'sport'...something that has never helped me in biking. We brewed a pretty big IPA, got inebriated, put a summer sausage in a vice and cut it with a hacksaw because we didn't have a knife, and I eventually 'went to sleep' on a living room floor that was not my own. 

Seen below is Brewmaster and BELCH Photographer Scott.

An action shot of the summer sausage cutting. 

And behold, our finished product. Not only does it look pretty, it's dang tasty. We're proud of this one folks. 


Tom Darrow
Tom Darrow


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