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Dreamt up in 2013, BELCH was founded from fun. We wanted to make quality gear with modest aspirations of earning enough dough to sponsor events, provide some beer, and most importantly -- wanted to have fun along the ride. We're thankful to say that with your help, we've achieved that. 

Most brands today tout chiseled athletes, or depict their brand as something that will carry you to the podium. Not us. We want to represent you. We’re an unassuming brand. Whether you finish in the top 3 or even finish at all, at least you started.

I guess you could say we’re a little laid back.  Life doesn’t need to be a constant grind. The BELCH Team participates for the after-party. We accept all shapes and sizes, casual and elite, mountain or road. There is only one condition - Don’t be a dick!

We created a brand with a silly name, that brings you quality gear, and fosters an amazing outlook that we hope will extend through and beyond your favorite pastime activity.

Be comfortable. BELCH!